Thursday, 9 June 2011

Under Construction!

Being new to the whole blogging thing, this post is just to say if you've stumbled across the site already - stay tuned. I'll post updates of houses we're looking at, things we learn along the way as well as a look back at places we've lived in the numerous properties we've rented over the years.

As an indicator of the properties currently on the market within
our search area this one is for sale for $595000

So... The search has begun and we've narrowed our location down to the Lower Blue Mountains. Living in Sydney we've managed to find ourselves in one of the worlds most over-priced markets but the Blue Mountains keeps us in commuting distance to work and makes the budget side of our task within reach (just!).

Hopefully the start of the blog will also be the start of a six month count down from initial search to home ownership - well, a bank owning a home that we'll pay off at least!

This is the 1st house we inspected... From the outside I thought it had that 'mountain charm' that attracted us to the area. On closer inspection I have to say it was a let down - the interior lacked space and the finishes used throughout the house were a bit on the cheap side to say the least! (Probably explains the $469,000 price tag, which for the area is a bit of a bargain!) It was a fun start to our search though!

This morning I woke up to find a message from a friend saying "Move to the Central Coast - you're doing it all wrong!" So in the interest of humouring him I thought I'd have a look at the properties online there at the moment. If we did move that way it would be around the Brooklyn area. It was there that I found the house pictured above - love it... Shame it's for auction with a reserve that I'm sure would be above our budget!

Back to the mountains and a change of style - the cottage below is another option for the type of house we're looking at. Whatever we end up with it has to have character...


  1. Hmm, Blue Mountains/Central there's a tough choice! Do you love the cold? It's freezing here in Canberra today so the lure of a mountain house with a big fireplace is ironically alluring:) And you'll be bound to have lots of visitors in either place!

  2. It's a bit funny - I actually hate the cold but do like the thought of rugging up for winter... I prettty sure we'll end up in the mountains rather than the Central Coast. (The inclusion of that posibility was more to amuse the guy that works with me on our film productions.
    Having lived in Canberra for a couple of years I do remember what it was like to freeze / on the upside open fires were always a treat!

  3. Hello Phillip,

    your lovely cousin sent me here. I'm excited about the thought of your first home! I hope you find what you want! I'll follow along if you don't mind. It's interesting to see the house prices ... we'll be looking to buy in a year or so, and the thought of re-entering the property market is frightening.


  4. Welcome to blogland. Kerry is quite a guru in these here parts. She can make us laugh and cry and have a good old think. She can also just amuse us with pretty images.
    Your blog sounds like a wonderful way to document a journey.
    Now, I could live in the jungle type natural houses above, but no way could I live with that blue.

  5. Hi all, thanks for following and thanks to the wonderful Miss Kerry for the plug!
    Carmel I agree the thought of entering the market is a bit frightening but hopefully the reports of house prices coming down over the next few months are true...
    As for the blue in the last house yes, I agree if we were to buy that the colour would go, it was more the style that attracted me. (Your comment made me chuckle - I've often looked at houses thinking this, that or the other would have to go!)
    I love that kerry has made it to Guru status, I love her style and wit.